Are you ready to start a Business?

Are you ready to start a business? Introduction


People, who know how, will always work for people who know why! People who know why will always have, people who know how, working for them. I will expand on this statement in the Can I Be An Entrepreneur section.

Starting a new business can be both exciting and rewarding, but it is also full of challenges and pitfalls for the unwary. The level of commitment that you will need should not be underestimated. I suggest that If you “Dare to Dream” of having your own business and it has become a “Burning Desire” then with the right direction to start, you will succeed.

The success of your business will partly depend on your attitude and skills. Success is 98% Attitude and 2% Effort! That 2% Effort is not to be sneezed at! That 2% effort can mean 8 to 16 hours a day until you are secure in the knowledge your business is on a good footing. Or, that 2% effort could be giving 5 to 15 hours of your time a week to a web business on top of the 40 hours a week you work for somebody else! It is that 98% Attitude that has to be worked on, every waking hour. I rate attitude at Number 1, right up there with oxygen! You cannot do without either of them in the right quantities! Economise on either of them and your dead in the water.

Remember this one liner, “Your attitude determines your altitude”, especially in business.

This means being honest about a range of issues – your knowledge, your financial status and how you look after it and the personal qualities that you can bring to your new business.

Commitment, drive, perseverance and support from family and friends will go a long way towards transforming your business idea into reality and will be especially important during the early days.
Having said that, beware the “Dream Stealers”! Yes, family and friends can be the biggest dream stealers. If you are 100% sure of what you are doing and not being taken in by a two-bit idea or scam and you are starting a business that seems a bit different from the rest, then people may try and steal your dream! How?


They will say things like, “You cannot do that”. “You will never make any money doing that thing”. Or even worse things like, “Just exactly who do you think You are, trying to do a business like that, you think you’re Mr High and Mighty all of a sudden?” Then there is the real killer of Dreams, “Rather you than me in THIS financial climate!”

Now do you understand where that 98% Attitude is going to come in very handy?

The next sections will help you decide whether you have what it takes to set up a new business. We will also provide a look at the day-to-day reality of starting a business and outline the skills and qualities that you may need and whether or not you need to acquire new skills as I did.

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