The Reality Check

Start Home Based Business The Reality Check
Signpost of Time

When you set up your own business you have to give it 100% of your commitment. Do you know people who are in business for themselves already? Have they been doing it for some time and Can you talk to them? Yes, then go and talk to them because they can tell you what it is and can be like to run your own business. I can but I’m sure they will tell you things like this…

Sacrifice Yourself

The demands of starting a business can and will take their toll on you. This is an event that is going to change your life and you are not going to do that with part time hours, especially in the early stages. You are going to have to, at some stage, burn some of that midnight oil or sacrifice the lay in, in the mornings.

Money Security

Whilst running your own business times of financial uncertainty can arise. If you have a partner or are married and have a family cash flow problems can create stress in the home environment. For example, you may have to forget holidays and activity clubs that you cannot afford. You may have invested all your savings or even used your property as security, which could put it at risk. In the worst case you could end up losing the shirt off your back as well as your home and your full investment.

Starting your own business will also mean that the company benefits you may have enjoyed no longer exist. Pension, paid holidays, sick pay, company car and other perquisites. You are going to have to build these things into your own business finances if you want them.

Are you married with family or in a relationship

Work at Home dad

Then, hopefully you have their total support because starting your own business is going to have a massive effect on you so it’s imperative that you talk to them about it. It is crucial from the beginning that they are aware of this and if they can they can help out too, then that’s even better, all hands to the pump! Nothing wrong with a family business, I know that from experience. I grew up in Inns and Hotels, as my parents were hoteliers so I worked with them, no paper route for me.

You are the Boss, so you carry the Can

Being your own boss is great, I love it, most of the time it’s a good satisfying feeling. Carrying all that responsibility, especially if you are very successful can, if you aren’t careful, put you in the loneliest spot on the planet. When I first started, this is how I felt, I only had family to talk to and bounce ideas off. Then I started to collect a network of contacts in suppliers, other local trades folk and my customers and clients.

Can I Be an Entrepreneur? Check out the next section and see if you think you fit into the mix as an entrepreneur and start your own business.

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